NoxInfluencer Membership Service Introduction

NoxInfluencer Membership Service Introduction

Features Introduction

  1. Through years of product iteractions, Noxinfluencer helped many brands search for influencer, analyze influencer's data, and influencer marketing. Meanwhile, it also helped many influencers deeply analyze their channel data and increase their view and subscribers.
  2. To help more users do in-depth data analytics, Noxinfluencer membership is now available. Click here to get the price. If you have any questions, please email us [email protected] or through WhatsApp, WhatsApp account: +86 17701393112

View all search results

FeatureBasic Plan(Channels)Professional Plan (Channels)Business Plan(Channels)企业定制版(Channels)
Limited search results100500100020000


Free plan users can only view the first 2 pages of search results for YouTube search, Instagram search, and TikTok search. Buy any level of the membership subscription to view unlimited search results.

Search by audience

FeatureBasic PlanProfessional Plan Business Plan企业定制版
Search by audienceNot supportedSupportedSupportedSupported

This fearture only supports YouTube channel search and TikTok account search, users can search for influencer by audience profile like country/region, age and gender.


FeatureBasic PlanProfessional Plan Business Plan企业定制版
Email FilterNot supportedNot supportedNot supportedSupported

使用YouTube频道搜索时,可以根据网红是否有邮箱进行筛选,将对应搜索结果中有邮箱的频道全部筛选出来,但是功能仅支持定制版会员,如需使用请联系[email protected]

Audience Analytics

FeatureBasic Plan(Channel/Month)Professional Plan (Channel/Month)Business Plan(Channel/Month)企业定制版(Campaign/Month)
YouTube Audience Analytics2015050040000+


Introductions:Click the 'View Data' button to confirm remaining quota and then get the analysis result. Take note that most of the analysis results are available immediately,some of the results need to be calculated in 3 minutes, you will get the results when the analysis is completed.

Here are the types of influencer audience data below:


  • 1.Percentage of age and gender
  • 2.Audience geographical distribution
  • 3.Audience active time
  • 4.Top fans of the channel
  • 5.The most overlapped channels
  • 6.High-frequency comments
  • 7.Comments emotional analysis, positive and negetive words
  • 8.High-frequency emojis

TikTok audience analytics is the same as the YouTube audience analytics.


    TikTok audience analytics data:

  • 1.Percentage of age
  • 2.Audience geographical distribution

Brand Analytics

FeatureBasic Plan(Channel/Month)Professional Plan (Channel/Month)Business Plan(Channel/Month)企业定制版(Campaign/Month)
Brand AnalyticsNot supported10030040000+


Noxinfluencer can analyze YouTubers’ promotion videos based on data and algorithms. You can check the videos made for brands, and track the promotion video compared to common updates. In addition, you can track the influencers who also worked with the brand and judging the effects by promotion score.

4 steps to view brand analytics:
1.Log in to your account
2.Buy a professional memebership or business membership
3.Select a YouTube channel
4.Click Brand Promotion Analysis tab

Export Data & API Service

Export Data

FeatureBasic PlanProfessional Plan Business Plan(Quotas/month)企业定制版(Campaign/Month)
Export DataNot supportedNot supported15000100000+


For Exporting Data, Noxinfluencer only supports export channel analytics and search results, the maximum number is 30,000 unique channels per month.

Export from search result: 8 quotas / influencer, you can export 1000 data of influencers at a time.

Export from channel analytics: 30 quotas / influencer, take note that the audience analytics and brand analytics part are not supported.

API Service

FeatureBasic PlanProfessional Plan Business Plan(Quotas/month)企业定制版(Quotas/month)
API ServiceNot supportedNot supported15000Unlimited

Tips:API services share quotas with data exports.


Click API Service tab and create your API key, and then call the API according to API Document. Take note that to check the cost of API, please visit the overview for API Cost.

Check Business Email

FeatureBasic PlanProfessional Plan (Channel/Month)Business Plan(Channel/Month)企业定制版(Campaign/Month)
Check EmailNot supported15080020000+


2 steps to check the email:
1.Select a channel
2.Click the envelope icon

Take note that, if the channel doesn’t have the icon, you will not be able to check the email.

Influencer Marketing

Create Campaign

FeatureBasic PlanProfessional Plan (Campaign/Month)Business Plan(Campaign/Month)企业定制版(Campaign/Month)
Create campaign15UnlimitedUnlimited


Create a campaign to promote your business, you can invite influencer and accept the application based on the campaign. To complete campaign, you need to sign the contract, pay the promotion fees, review the video step by step.

Invite Influencer

FeatureBasic Plan(个网红/订单)Professional Plan (个网红/订单)Business Plan(个网红/订单)企业定制版(个网红/订单)
Invite influencer50200500Unlimited

After creating the campaign, you can invite influencers via the platform, you will receive notification of invitation result through the platform and email

Recommend Influencer

FeatureBasic Plan(个网红/订单)Professional Plan (个网红/订单)Business Plan(个网红/订单)企业定制版(个网红/订单)
Recommend Influencer30100200Unlimited

Noxinfluencer will recommend influencers for you based on your campaign, The recommended influencers are of higher quality and has a higher response rate.

FeatureBasic PlanProfessional Plan Business Plan企业定制版
URL Shortener ServiceNot supportedSupportedSupportedSupported


If you are the brand, you can shorten your original link via the URL shortener, track the real-time clicks, check the PV and UV by country and device. The URL shortener can help you accurately evaluate the promotion effect, improve the promotion conversion rate, optimize the promotion plan.

How to create your first short link:
1.Click the 'Create' button
2.Write the name
3.Enter the original link
4.Set the Utm source
5.Click 'Save'

Staff Account

FeatureBasic PlanProfessional Plan Business Plan企业定制版
Staff AccountNot supported25Unlimited

For the business plan, the parent account can create 3 staff accounts. These staff account are able to use the membership credit and access. Besides, the staff accounts can not track any data of other accounts. Take note that only the parent account can view the credit spend of staff accounts.

How to create staff account
1. Login and drop down your avatar
2. Click 'Staff Account' and visit the setting page
3. Click 'Add' and then enter the email address to send
4. The staff account clicks the verification URL