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8 Stunning Fruit & Vegetable Carvings That You Can Easily Do Yourself Have you ever seen beautifully carved fruits and vegetables and wondered how anyone could create something so stunning? It's actually a lot easier than it looks! Follow our simple tips & tricks below to prove there's more than one way to impress your dinner guests! Bookmark Article: Thanks for watching and don't forget to subscribe for a first-hand look at all our best recipes and cooking hacks! You can find the the full instructions for these nifty tips & tricks on our website or below ↓↓. ****************************************************** 1. Apple Swan You'll Need: - apple - toothpicks Here's How: 1.1 Halve an apple. Cut a wedge out of one half on both the left and right sides. Cut another wedge out of these two wedges and repeat twice. 1.2 Fan out the sliced wedges to create wings. 1.3 Cut a swan's head out of the other half of the apple. 1.4 Insert a toothpick into the swan body to attach the neck and use apple seeds for the eyes. Carve a swan comb for the head from the rest of the apple and make a slight indent on the part of the head where you want to place it. * * * 2. Cucumber Cactus You'll Need: - cucumbers, ends cut off - wooden skewers Here's How: 2.1 Take ⅔ of a  cucumber, cut it in half, and place two wooden skewers on either side of the cucumber half. Make ⅕-inch slices along the cucumber until you reach the end (the skewers will prevent you from cutting all the way through). Repeat the entire process with the other cucumber half. 2.2 Remove the skewers and shape the sliced ​​cucumber into a wreath. You can hold the ends together with a toothpick. 2.2 Build a small tower of cucumber wreaths and top with a carved flower radish. * * * 3. Mandarin Orange Rose  You'll Need: - mandarin orange  - 1 mini cucumber Here's How: 3.1 Peel the mandarin orange and cut the pieces in half lengthways. 3.2 Fan out the halved pieces in a flower shape on a plate. 3.3 Cut off ⅓ of the mini cucumber and cut it into 4 equal, slanted pieces. Carefully carve and fan out the 4 pieces as shown in the video and place the cucumber leaves around the mandarin flower. * * * 4. Apple Compass You'll Need: - apple Here's How: Cut 4 wedges around the four sides of the apple stem and fan them out. * * * 5. Melon Butterfly You'll Need: - 1 melon (such as muskmelon or cantaloupe) Here's How: 5.1 Cut the melons into slices and cut each slice in half. 5.2 Cut ¾ of the way down along the inner section of the rind about to create the wings. Then cut the rest of the fruit as shown in the video. 5.3 Cut the flesh of the fruit in half lengthwise, making sure to leave a think skin of the rind. Unfold the melon and your butterfly is ready to spread its wings! * * * 6. Cucumber Stairs You'll Need: - 4-inch cucumbers, ends cut off - wooden skewers - cherry tomatoes Here's How: 6.1 Peel the cucumber on one side and cut it in half. 6.2 Make ⅕-inch slices along the cucumber until you reach the end and push a wooden skewer through the middle. Fan out the cucumber "stairs" and top the skewer with a cherry tomato. * * * 7. Leek Star You'll Need: - leek - toothpicks Here's How: 7.1 Make angular slits along the leek, as shown in the video. 7.2 Push a toothpick into the middle of the leek slices and fan out the leaves. Stick the leek star on a cucumber hunk and top the toothpick with a cherry tomato. * * * 8. Orange Bear You'll Need: - orange - wooden skewers - cloves Here's How: 8.1 Cut off the top and bottom section of the orange and carefully cut two small circles off the bottom orange slice for the bear's ears. 8.2 Slice the top orange lid at the top and insert the ears. Place two cloves above the stem for eyes and the bear face is done. 8.3 Cut out the flesh of the orange along the inner rind. Remove the core and cut it into cubes. 8.4 Cut a wedge and a gap from the orange peel, creating two arms. Cut a small space in the back to fix the bear head into place and fill the hollow space with the orange cubes. 8.5 Stick the remaining bottom orange lid on a wooden skewer and push it into the side of the bear for a cute little parasol. * * * While these adorable creations are almost too cute to eat, there's no guarantee that your guests will be able to keep their hands off them!

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