Turning Rusted BEARING into a Sharp STRAIGHT RAZOR
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First of all I am thankful to you for giving 14 minutes of your worthy time. Today i am making a Straight Razor out of rusted Bearing. This is one of my sharpest knife made ever i hope you guys will Like this video and Also i had alot of fun while making this Straight Razor. If you wanna make the same Razor here are some instructions and Physical Properties of this Razor:

Overall Weight = 133 Grams or 0.133 KG
Overall Length = Almost 8.5 Inches or 215 mm
Blade length = 2 inches or 50 mm
Handle size = 5 Inches or 127 mm
Steel Material = 52100 Hard Bearing steel
Carbon Presence = 1.0% to 1.1%
Chromium Presence = 1.6%
Quenching Temperature = 850 Degree Celsius
Tempering Temperature = 250 to 300 Degree Celsius

Always wear leather gloves while sanding knives. Always keep a First Aid Kit at your work place.

Turning Rusted BEARING into a Sharp STRAIGHT RAZOR

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