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About the EPM1

Externally, the EPM1 has also been updated significantly. As with the original EPM and all PTS polymer products, the EPM1 shell is made with Dupont Zytel® polymer which makes it extremely durable and strong. Another carryover feature is the continuous mag well guide to reduce snagging when drawing from or inserting into pouches or the rifle mag well. Our signature EP texture has been implemented onto the shell to give the magazine a positive texture for better grip and tactile feel. The texture along the spines have been changed to ridges for even more positive tactility and allows the EPM1 to be compatible with the Magpul Maglink® Coupler.

The baseplate of the EPM1 has also been completely redesigned. The slide-in design makes the baseplate more durable and resistant to damage or popping off if the magazine is dropped. It is also significantly slimmer than the first generation EPM™s so stacking the magazines in pouches or during storage takes up less space than before. The basepad™s heel is angled to be able to act as a monopod during supported shooting and, as before, a marking matrix is incorporated into the basepad for magazine identification use. The ribbed front ledge that provides positive indexing of the magazine when drawing from a pouch or plate carrier is now incorporated into the EPM1™s main body.

The new enhanced magazine follower is the result of our design collaboration with Deranged Designs. The improved follower keeps the pressure of the spring concentrated in line with the bb stack instead adding sideways pressure to the bb stack and against the walls of the magazine bb channel. This new follower design greatly improves the bb feeding speed and consistency and completely prevents bbs from sliding past the follower and creating a jam.The most significant and innovative external feature of the EPM1 is the Fuel Gauge window. With the new unique orange mag level indicator, you can immediately know if the magazine is filled to capacity, its approximate remaining capacity, or if the magazine is empty. When the magazine is fully loaded, mag level indicator will show at the top of the window. As you fire the bb™s out of the EPM1, the orange indicator will travel down the window until it reaches the bottom of the window at which time the magazine is emptied.; The Largest Airsoft Retailer in North America and Home of the World's Largest Airsoft Showroom Store.
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