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How to make back to the future go kart. World first go kart with double steering and flight mode Illusion. Back to the Future. The famous DeLorean car is back with a brand new design. The new custom made DeLorean Back to the Future go kart is born. Today I'm going to show you how to make Back to the Future go kart. This wooden go-kart is special made with an inspiration ideas from the Back to the Future movie from 1985. If your dreaming about Back to the Future movie part 4 with the Dr. brown and mighty McFly then maybe this Go kart can make you happy. Today I'm going to take you back in time with this step by step video you can now create your own Back to the Future go kart when you have watch this YouTube video. It's created with to kick scooters and the simple technique which is awesome to make if you like to build stuff out of wood. It's a great idea to build with your best friend, daddy,uncle oh brother. Dreaming about being a handyman and build your own time machine then this would be a funny idea to build. In this video you can see all the centimeters and plans screws and other stuff you're going to need. The DeLorean car is one of the most famous cars ever in a movie. It's special custom made to travel back and forth in time with the very famous actor Michael J fox. Today I'm going to show you how to build your own Soapbox go kart Easy. If you are a fan of the Red Bull Soapbox then here are the free plans for your project. Thanks for watching please subscribe to my YouTube channel and give me a Like. Special thanks to my friend Emil Machomlm for helping me out. If you want to see me and Emil eating candy from Dubai click on the link and subscribe to his channel. . And if you want to play with me you can download clash of clans my clan name is Kim Henriksen or invite me on my PS4 my PS4 name is BenjaMille. I play call of duty black ops 3 on my PS4 and other shooting games. Verdens første gocart med dobbelt styring og flight mode illusion. Tilbage til fremtiden. Den berømte DeLorean bil, er tilbage med et helt nyt design. Den hjemmelavede DeLorean Back to the future go kart er født. I dag vil jeg vise dig, hvordan man laver Back to the future go kart. Go-kart er speciel lavet med inspiration og ideer fra, tilbage til fremtiden-film fra 1985 med Dr. brown og Mighty McFly. Hvis du er fan af kult filmene, så vil denne Go kart, måske gøre dig glad. I dag vil jeg tage dig med ind i fremtiden, med denne trin for trin video. Du kan nu Bygge din egen tilbage til fremtiden go kart, når du har set denne YouTube-video. Den er bygget med simple teknik med recycling, af to nedslidte løbehjul, en gammel stol og 4 barnevognshjul. Dette er verdens første gocart ,med dobbelt styring .(flight mode) Det ekstra håndtag, til at styre med,kan du få gokarten til,at slå hjulene op og du vil få følelsen af, at du flyver. Det er en illusion, ikke kun for den som kører, men også for dem der ser på.Det vil se ud som om , du flyver hen over asfalten. Tak fordi I så med,skriv gerne en kommentar og giv mig et Like. (Subscribe) Video og redigering : Kim Henriksen og Benjamin Henriksen. Opfinder: Kim Henriksen og Benjamin Henriksen. YouTube video Copyright : kim henriksen & Benjamin henriksen. Special guest : Emil Markholm. E-mail: Primero en el mundo va kart con doble dirección How to make go kart,Back to the future,Diy go kart, how to build a go kart, homemade go kart, homemade car, Time Machine, how to make a time machine, back to the future go cart,Delorean,DeLorean 2016,DMC, back in time, concept car, back to the future 4, soapbox car, how to build a soapbox car,pinewood car,soap box red bull,hoverboard,Regreso al futuro.

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